Saturday, April 19, 2014

Still waiting on Peanut...

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So much for the full moon theory, this grandchild wasn’t ready to make an appearance yet.  And we simply have to quit calling her Peanut, she’ll be here anytime now, and even though her mother is a devoted Snoopy fan, I’m sure she will be ready for us to transition to her real name when she arrives.

Deanna posted this latest pregnancy picture yesterday on her Harris Sisters GirlTalk blog.  

It’s a family weekend for us, Ry and Linds are on the way to our house with those sweet little grandchildren, then they’re off to Nashville tomorrow to spend Easter with John and Deanna, while we’re going to Easter brunch with our friends, Rich and V.

And we’ll be on our way to Nashville very soon now for the arrival of Peanut.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter.  Spring has finally arrived in all it’s glory in Heavensville, I’m so looking forward to Ryan and Lindsay’s arrival, it’s going to be such a fun day here for our family...



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