Sunday, January 26, 2014

Miss A has many talents...

IMG 0941

Our precocious little four year old, now that she has taught herself to read, has apparently figured out the remote. Below is Lindsay’s Facebook post from yesterday.  Ryan told me about her doing this as well, sometimes she just amazes us...

I always thought Ry being in control of the remote was a test of patience. I have discovered it to be nothing in comparison to the power hungry ADD that is Miss A with the remote. She took it upon herself yesterday to teach herself how to use it. Telling me what the buttons say, then pushing them so she could understand their functions. By midday, she was recording her shows and canceling Ry's shows that were in her way. Then going through the DVR and scrolling till she found what she was looking for.

It would have been cute and impressive had she not pointed out to me, several times, that she had to learn how to do it because I don't pay attention like I should and she doesn't want to watch non-Abby shows. 


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