Thursday, September 19, 2013

Milo's Sweet Tea Info




I'm totally hooked on Milo's Splenda Sweet Tea.  If you read me regularly you already know this, but I do have  more info to pass along.  I'm an information junkie, I want to know all there is to know about a product, so I called Milo's to enquire how they can put 0 carbs on the Nutritional Information Panel when it is extremely sweet, since Splenda has carbs.

Dale, this nice man in their quality control department, explained to me that they use liquid Splenda, which isn't as concentrated as those little yellow packs that are 1 carb per packet, and that they test regularly and he assured me that there were no carbs in a glass of their tea. Then I asked him why it lasts so long if there are no preservatives.  We all know that if we brew a pitcher of tea, and refrigerate it overnight it has a funky taste, but Milo's tastes fresh for weeks.  Apparently it's due to the pasteurization, the tea is bacteria free, and stays fresh.  He did tell me not to leave it sit out and get warm, or the quality won't be as good.  Also, it' s fresh for 10 days to two weeks beyond the expiration date.

This stuff is too good to be true, it tastes just like the old fashioned tea of my childhood, one sip and you would swear you were drinking fully leaded sweet tea.  In fact, our friends Rich and V visited last week, I gave Rich a glass and he "thought" he was drinking sugar sweetened tea.

So, if you're lucky enough to have this tea in the refrigerator case of your local market, hotfoot it down there and buy a jug.  It's very inexpensive, I pay $2.64 for a gallon, and it is positively addictive, it's so good.

Want to know if it's available in your area?  Click here for a store locator...


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