Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't make fun of my pancakes!

Photo 24


Hey, I know they're a little bit skimpy, and yes the butter is all smeared in my Butter Bell Crock.  It's breakfast, people, not a photo op.  And these pancakes are low carb, not  the real meal deal.  But anyway...

The purpose of this is that hubby came home from a tag sale with this vintage syrup dispenser.  I love that word "tag sale, " don't you?  Martha Stewart always says that, and it's much more classy than saying hubby came home from a rummage sale.  But anyway, he got me this nifty retro syrup dispenser for fifty cents!  And it's awesome.  A blast from the past, that dispenses syrup perfectly without spilling a drop.  And I  know it photographed dark, jeesh, always a critic, Jan.

Such excitement on this gorgeous Sunday morning in Heavensville.  And yes, it was good, even though the syrup was sugar free and the pancakes were Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix.  Good stuff, that Bob's Red Mill...

I've had coffee, too, can ya tell????


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