Friday, July 12, 2013

Things I enjoy….

I sit in my sunroom at my computer day after day after day.  Why?  Because I like it, that's why!  It's quiet, it's soothing, calm, relaxing.  Oh c'mon Jan, get real.  I do it because I can and I have no desire to do things that aren't fun anymore!  And in an attempt to justify why I do this, I've made a list.  Well, I have, and it's a good one, too!  This is what I enjoy every day...
  • The Local Noon News on the  tv mounted above my computer screens
  • My pretty hydrangeas that wink at me thru the window
  • The finches on the feeder, so close that I could touch them if it wasn't for the glass in the window.  I know, I can't really touch them, but they're so close.
  • My awesome blackbird email notification wav sound, I love that sound, twe-eeet when mail comes in.  Always make me smile.
  • My little fan that blows air on me.  Hey, computer screens are hot, and I have two big screens sitting just inches away from my face, and that little fan works like a charm.
  • My awesome bulletin board the guys made for me last summer, I look at it and see all of the people I love and I smile.  Wanna see it again?  Sure, here's the click...
  • Radium Radio, the best MAC app, ever!  This little retro radio sits on my top toolbar on my iMac and it has all my favorite stations, including my Sirius XM.  Every kind of music I could possibly want is just a click of my mouse button.  And since hubby installed fancy schmancy external speakers, the sound is amazing!  Well, la-te-da, aren't I special...
  • The sound of my wind chimes on the patio, tinkling in the breeze.  It's the old hippie in me, i adore wind chimes.  Don't you?
  • Growly notes.  See the screenshot below?  If you're lucky enough to have a MAC, Growly Notes is FREE.  It's a customizable notebook, that you just drag pictures and text into, and I have it just full of everything I love.  It's too much to even try and explain.  Google it…

Growly Notes Houses 1


I love, love, love my cow wallpaper.  It was a Pioneer Woman freebie a couple of years ago. I always have it on my desktop, I just love those sweet little faces looking at me.  I just gave this to my buddy, V yesterday.  You want it too?  Sure, here's her link...




And my red-winged blackbird mail notification sound.  You want it, too?  Okay.

Here's the link for a PC

Here's the link for a MAC

Now you want to know how to install these.  You gotta Google this, too, it's not that hard, just a few steps.  

And that's just a few things that  I enjoy.  

And isn't this boring...


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