Thursday, July 11, 2013

The fleurs are flourishing...




We've had such a mild summer and my flowers are loving it, they are absolutely huge.  The impatiens on the wall are planted in a double tiered planter, and I did side plantings so that they would bloom from the sides instead of just from the top, but you can't even see the sides the impatiens have grown so large.  The herbs are doing so well, I keep pruning and they just seem to grow overnight.   Martha Stewart would be so proud of me ;o)




This is my window box that hangs on my patio fence, I planted some asparagus fern amongst the begonias, thinking that it would give it a feathery look, but the begonias choked out the ferns!  They grew so big you can't even see one little feathery frond.



More of my side planting.  Hubby made me pedestals to put in the ground, and I planted begonias on the sides as well as the top of the basket.  It's so shady on our patio now that we can't do any kind of sun loving plants.




It's so pretty, I am just amazed every time I walk out the door.  But wait, I can't take credit for all this lushness.  It's all do to John setting us up with micro irrigation a couple of years ago and hubby  maintaining it every spring.    Every morning at 7am, the little sprinklers that are placed in all my pots and window boxes come on, as well as the fertilizer, and five minutes later all the plants are all dripping wet.  I water nothing in the summer.  Nada, el zippo, and I think it works so well because the foliage doesn't get wet, just the soil.

If everything is this big now,  what is it going to look like in September???  I can't imagine….


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