Tuesday, July 23, 2013

24 ounce Ball Iced Tea Glasses, they are AWESOME!!!!!!!




These are the best iced tea glasses, ever!  You know I always share the good stuff with you, well let me tell you, ladies, this one is a winner and the price is right!  Here’s mine,I was sitting in the living room earlier, enjoying a glass of lemon tea while waiting for the Royal Baby to come out of the hospital with mom and dad, which was an amazing moment in history,  I was so teary eyed.

But back to my story, last week we visited John and Deanna, and somewhere on the back roads of Tennessee in a little restaurant that served fried green tomatoes and fried bologna sandwiches, we had iced tea in this same glass, the most wonderful Ball jar for cold drinks, ever.

Drinking tea out of mason jars isn’t a new thing, restaurants have done it for years.  Usually in a narrow mouth pint jar, sometimes with a handle, but I was never a fan.  Well, I’ve obviously changed my mind, these things are wonderful and they were on sale, $12.99 for nine jars!  And it was Prime, so it was free ship, no tax.  I’m not the only fan, my entire family loved them, Deanna ordered them as well, and I’m shipping a set to Ryan and Lindsay.

So what’s great about these jars?  First of all they are sturdy, they aren’t going to tip over, they taper slightly at the bottom, and they fit nicely in your hand and the best part, they are twenty-four ounces, you won’t have to refilll.  But it’s not too large, like a quart would be, they are the best iced tea glass I’ve found in years, and I’m always on the hunt for good ones.  And a bonus, they would make great storage for soup or leftovers in the fridge.

So here’s the link, I would buy these before they sell out, they’re so worth the money.

~ jan


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