Monday, June 24, 2013

Tiger Lilies always make me nostalgic...


Hubby and I drive the county roads often, and now the tiger lilies are in bloom.  They were Mother's favorite, she had them on her ditch bank, and as a child I never appreciated them, but now they just make me nostalgic.

That's happened a lot this summer, being nostalgic… When I hear a train whistle I'm transported back to my childhood, running to the front porch to sit in the porch swing and watch the far away train wind through the hilly countryside.  Summer rains remind me of days spent at my friend Roxie's house, playing endless games of Monopoly that went on for days. 

I was browsing thru an antique store and saw aluminum glasses, the ones that Mother had, they were so popular in the fifties, and they made your tea so cold that it would sting your mouth and Mother put so much sugar in her tea that it puckered your lips, not from the sour, but because it was so syrupy sweet.   And the white ducks we fed last week when Abby was here transported me back to my Aunt Liz's house, she always had white ducks in her yard.

I'm thinking I need a trip to Enfield.  I like to park the car on the road by our old house in the country and listen to the familiar nature sounds.  Drive down our gravel road and sit and gaze at the ditch.  Just remember my childhood when life was carefree and the world was a better place.  And maybe I'll find some Posey County Cantaloupes for sale on the way home,  and if I'm really lucky some summer squash and zucchini.  Yep, that's just what I need, to be transported back to my childhood, if just for a few hours….


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