Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I've been up to...



Let's see, I've been washing my hair with my Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo, rinsing with Pantene Conditioner, the bottle is almost gone and I couldn't figure out why my hair wasn't soft and tangled when it was wet.  Finally put on my glasses, and realized that I had been putting on Shampoo/Conditioner instead of  conditioner.  Well, it was white, it looked just like this bottle, but  no wonder it wasn't soft!  Jeesh.

Hubby fed Maggie her dinner tonight, I fed her again.  She wouldn't eat it.  Duh...

And I did something that really surprised myself.  I'm not self-conscious about my age, it doesn't bother me that I'm sixty-three, actually I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've made it this far, but…  I talk to Ronni, a customer service rep really often, it's a long story, but we've gotten to know each other and she asked me the other day how old I was.  Ya know, I felt really embarrassed telling her I was sixty-three.  What was that about????  I have no clue, but it bothers me that it bothered me.  Know what I mean, Vern?  Just when you think you know yourself, something like this happens.  Drats, just when I thought I had it together, too.

I did something else so stupid that I couldn't believe it.  And now I've forgotten what it was.

There is no hope, there is no hope...


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