Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta have your way…

I’m always tweaking the setup in my sunroom.  Why???  Because it’s where I spend my days, with Maggie on my lap, working playing on my computers, looking out the window at the birds, contemplating life.  So I’m always driving poor hubby crr-azy with ideas that I want to implement to make it even better.

For years now I’ve had a media card in my PC that allowed me to watch tv on the computer.  But it was a pain, I had to make the screen really, really small, and it interfered with whatever I was doing, and the quality was not good, so I decided that what I really needed was a television behind my computer desk.

This has been going on for several months, trying to figure out how to accomplish this.  At first I was going to put this great big honkin’ screen on the wall where I put my bulletin board.  But then I decided I really wanted that bulletin board, so then I was going to put a small television inside the bulletin board, but that was kind of stupid, so then I came up with the idea to suspend a television from the ceiling, which would entail John, who always does my tv hookups, crawling thru the attic, and dropping a line, and I didn’t know how that would look anyway, that tv dangling from the ceiling.

So LC and I were brainstorming one day, and he said, “ya know, I have a tripod in the attic, I wonder if we could mount a tv on it?”  So he had this small 15” television in the garage, he hooked it up to the tripod, put it behind the computer, and voila, it worked perfectly and looked kinda cool sitting on that tripod.  But…

photo (7)

It was too small!  (The above photo isn’t the original 15” television, I just wanted you to see how he mounted it on the tripod.)  I didn’t like that small screen, so he trekked over to Sam’s and bought me a 24” television.  I wanted it Internet ready, so I could watch Netflix, but that wasn’t an option, they don’t make 24” televisions Internet ready.  So he brought it home, hooked it up, easy setup, we already had a cable on the floor, nobody had to crawl thru the attic, it was perfect, rightWrong!  I didn’t like it, it was too small.  So we brought everybody we knew and their brother thru the sunroom, getting their opinions, and every . single . person said that it looked fine.  LC thought it looked fine too, mostly, I think because he was tired of messing with it. 

photo (5)

So I watched it and fretted and stewed, because it just wasn’t right.  It was wide and short, and I was not a happy camper.  I wanted to look up and see this big screen, and I wanted to be able to watch Netflix while I worked!  Then John and Deanna came home, I sat John at my computer desk, explained my dilemma, and sweet boy, he actually understood what I meant.  So we were off to Sams once again to get a 32” tv that was Internet ready.  But they were sold out, then we went to Best Buy, where they tried to sell us one with a Roku Box, well we already use Roku boxes on the living room and bedroom tv’s, I didn’t want another Roku box, I wanted that 32” Internet ready television!

So it’s now Labor Day morning, and John said, “You know, WalMart might have that tv, why don’t you call them.”  I did, and they had it, the guys drove over to buy it for me, and after a lot of adjustments in the garage to the back of the television refabricating something or other, they were once again able to mount it on the tripod, and this is the result!

photo (9)

I know, I know, it’s HUGE!  You’re probably thinking, why does she need that big tv, the other one looked fine!  But I didn’t like it and this one is  wonderful and it has Netflix!  Exactly what I wanted, finally!!!  And the best part?  It sits behind my desk, angled in the corner, so yours truly won’t be able to trip over it and crash the whole thing to the ground.  I can’t get to it, thank gawd, because we all know that I would somehow fall over or into the thing, ‘cause that’s just the way I roll.

Now for the moral of this story, always, always, trust your gut, it never lets you down…

Jeez, I sound like a brat, but hey, I’m an only child, remember, I like to have my way, this was really important to me, and besides, I’m old now, you gotta humor old ladies.  Thanks Johnno, for understanding, you made Yo Mama a happy lady ;o)

Oh, and hubby?  Well he does tend to sit in here and watch it, and he hasn’t said a word about it being too big, so I’m thinking Mikey might actually like it. 


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