Friday, June 24, 2011

If You Ask Me, Betty White’s latest book…


This book is like a box of assorted chocolates.  With each chapter, you take a bite, and it’s so good, but it’s a surprise, you never know what you’re going to get.  Some chapters are creamy, some have nuts. Winking smile Who doesn’t love Betty White, and who doesn’t love a good summer read?  Oh, this is such a treat, and it’s chocked full of wisdom.

I’ve added a GoodReads box to my right sidebar, you can click on it, and see what’s on my bookshelf.  I wish some of you would join me on GoodReads as friends, it’s is such a good time,and a really informative site for booklovers.  Here’s my friends link again, in case you might be interested.

I’m reading so many good books, I’m totally absorbed by books this summer.  I just finished Friendship Bread, it was just wonderful, and makes me want to go right out and make a batch of starter.

The author of this book, Darien Gee has a website, Friendship Bread Kitchen, with the starter recipe, and a badzillion variations in her recipe box.

So, if your time is limited, and you just can read just one book this summer,  give Friendship Bread a try.  It’s a good thing.  Pinkie swear. 

I’ll tip you off to some of my other goodies, I have several beach reads to wade through, but only for those of you who read easy breezy novels.  I don’t do the heavy stuff, remember, just the trash. 

Works for me! Smile with tongue out

~ jan

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