Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arnold Schwartzenegger, I've got a Secret....

Well the past few days have been interesting, to say the least.  Those of us who are of a certain "age" have lived through a lot.  We cut our teeth on the Kennedy "bad boys."  We were shocked to hear about JFK frolicking in the White House pool with a bevy of naked women.  We were appalled to learn that he and his brother "shared" Marilyn Monroe,  we were horrified to find out that a drunken Teddy had driven his car off a bridge and left that poor girl to die, and by the time the newer generation of Kennedy's came along, other than the time William Smith raped that girl, we were pretty much desensitized to the family scandals.

Until this week....  I cannot imagine having my housekeeper having, not only a long term affair with my husband, but having a child with him.  This was his housekeeper, the woman who knew the most intimate details of their family life.  She did the laundry, she washed his wife's underwear for god's sake!  She changed the sheets, and emptied the trash in the bathroom, and all the while, knowing that she had slept with this man and had a child with him. This scumbag is the lowest of the low, and the woman is just as bad.   I have never been a fan, I always thought he was pompous and arrogant, a man who's self importance was bolstered by his ties to the Kennedy family.

Maria, however, was always the lady.  Despite her wealth, she was a humanitarian and worked to make a difference for women and children, regardless of economic background.  The poor woman probably turned her cheek in ways that we never even dreamt of.  But what goes around, truly does come around, and this sleazebag is finally getting his cumuppance.

Of course now he is p*ssing and moaning and trying to rebuild his family.  Hogwash, had this woman not threatened to blow the whistle on him, he would have carried this secret to the grave.  What's next for him, a geriatric sex clinic?  Oh puh-leez...

I had to post this picture, ladies.  Not exactly Speedo eye candy, is it?  Maybe, this time, the Terminator is finally EXTERMINATED!!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  The family all came to Heavensville, the weather was lovely, we had brunch on the patio, and enjoyed being together.  Abby is growing so quickly, and is precious beyond words, as all of our grandchildren are.  I hope you enjoy the video.  ~ jan

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