Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today I made Carlene’s Ginger Beer.  I made it just like her recipe, right down to the wheel of lime and the spearmint.  I filled my glass 1/4 full of the Ginger Beer, then topped it off with ice and Crystal Light Peach Tea.  And the result – to die for!!! OMG, is this ever good.

Yes, I put it in a Coke glass.  And yes, I have much cuter glasses than this, but I wasn’t trying to stage it, just drink it.  And I know the glass isn’t full, I drank some of it already.  And no, that’s not really vodka sitting next to it, that’s just a bottle I found on a shelf in the garage, I filled it with the Ginger Beer Concentrate.  However, C does love a jigger or two in her glass.  And yes, that’s The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder you see in the background, and yes, it’s a hysterically good read.  Geezy Pete, now that I have that all cleared up, the recipe is on Jan Can Cook – it’s a goodie, ladies.  Really refreshing on a hot day, too.

I also made her Tropical Banana bread, more about that later…

Jennifer Aniston ate a Cobb Salad every day for 10 years…

IMG_7546 I just read  this week, that on the set of Friends, she, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox would eat a healthy version of Cobb Salad every single day.

So today I made this version of one.  It was good, but no way I could eat it every day for a month, let alone ten years.  I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and still would bear no resemblance to Jennifer Aniston.

Holy Crap, I just realized that in ten years I’ll be seventy years old.  SEVENTY YEARS OLD!!!!!!  I might as well just hustle on over to the Dairy Queen for a Buster Bar, Blizzard or a Chocolate Dipped Cone every  single day for the next ten years and be done with it.  That makes a lot more sense. 
Don’t you just love the working of the the mature mind??? Wink

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yorkie baths…

This video is just so funny, especially so since the M&M’s had baths and haircuts this morning.  Unlike these two yorkies, mine actually enjoy the process.  And, my girls are much cuter than these two…  Well, they are!!!



Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from Big Red Kitchen

Does this fascinate you as much as it does me?  No, it’s not a cinnamon roll, it’s a pancake!  Our family is wild about both of these, so this is a must try at our house.

It’s from Robin, at Big Red Kitchen, and I’ve posted the recipe on Jan CAN Cook, click thru and take a look.

Wowza, what a great idea!

~ jan

Abby Sunderland

What kind of parents would let their sixteen year old daughter sail around the world by herself?  I’ve been watching coverage of this, and I’m just appalled.  I don’t care how “experienced” of a sailor this girl is, she’s sixteen years old.

These parents should be investigated.  Shame on them for encouraging their child to do such a dangerous thing…

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Let’s get serious for a moment….

I’ve read the reports today about Shawn King’s apparent suicide attempt, and I feel really sorry for the lady.  Despite fame, talent, money, and beauty, she bleeds like everyone else.  I think sometimes we tend to think that celebrities lead a charmed life, but they don’t.

If, what we read is true, and she has been despondent for several years because of her husband’s alleged affair with her sister, what an awful price she is paying.  She has her own transgressions, but regardless, no man is worth ending your life over.  She has young boys to raise, how sad that this illness is depriving them of their mother.

I read recently that suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem.  Everything passes with time, I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs, it’s so sad.

Here she is with Willy Nelson, this is one of my very favorite videos, I love it at the end when she kisses him on the forehead…


A little nostalgia for you this morning….

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a class act…

Rediscovering soap…


These soaps bring back so many memories for me.  Mother’s sister, Mae, always had Dial soap in her bathroom, attached to her sink with one of those little rubber grippers.  I don’t know if I was more fascinated with the soap or the gripper. To this day I always think of her when I smell gold Dial soap. 

My Grandma Short always had Dove soap in her kitchen.   I remember distinctly how much I disliked the smell as a child, but now I love it.

I’ve blogged about Safeguard before, and how I remember when it first came on the market.  Egads, that was a long time ago.  Oh, the smell of it, one sniff and I’m right back to being a teenager again.  Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.

Irish Spring reminds me of my twenties.  I loved that fresh, clean scent, it was the soap of choice in the 70’s for me.

In this day of body washes, soap, at least in our household, seems to have fallen by the wayside.  I picked up a couple of bars the other day, Dial and Irish Spring, just for old time’s sake.  Maybe you should, too.  I bet it would trigger a lot of memories for you, also.

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