Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes change is good….

I’m old now, I like routine, I like things to stay the same, but the Daily Dish needed a clean-up job.  That’s why the new index page, a cover page, where you can just click and go. 

If anybody has any thoughts, suggestions, criticism, etc., email me, and let me know.  I want this site to be easier to navigate, not more difficult.

~ jan

This looks promising, I’ll give it a try tonight…


And I’m not finished yet…

I come home, I’m back on the computer again, still have the windows open, enjoying the fresh air.

I hear a tractor…..  It’s the farmer in the field next to us, he’s spreading manure – HE’S SPREADING MANURE…. M-A-N-U-R-E!!!!!!

OMG, the smell is horrendous, it must be pig poop.  Now I have to close the windows!  Geez Louise, so much for the country life, I can’t even enjoy fresh air!

Sometimes things just don’t work out like you plan…

It was a wonderful morning in Heavensville, warm, breezy, sunny, I  worked on the computer all morning,  promising myself that when the temperature got to 70 degrees, I would take a break and take the M&M’s for a ride on Milly.

Sure enough, the temperature went to 70, so I poured coffee into my favorite Starbucks travel mug, ummmm, well it wasn’t very hot, even though it had been in the carafe that is supposed to keep it steaming, but that’s okay, it’s kinda warm, it will be fine…

I grab a healthy snack for us, a couple of multi-grain crackers for them, no doggie biscuits in this house, those things have nasty stuff in them, a Weight Watcher oatmeal cookie for moi, put them on the golf cart, put on my sunglasses, grab hubby’s lightweight jacket and put it on, after all it’s breezy, and roll out of the garage.

Of course, by now, the sun has gone in, no need for the sunglasses, and even though it’s 70 degree’s, forget breezy,  it’s escalated to really windy, but that’s okay, it feels really “brisk,” so I zip up my  jacket and roll on down to the creek, my favorite spot to sit and ponder and drink my coffee.

I break up the crackers for the girls, unwrap my cookie, and a big gust of wind comes by and blows the crackers on Mildred’s  floorboard, where I promptly step on one and crush it to smithereens, the cookie wrapper blows to heaven knows where, and when I take a drink of my coffee the lid wasn’t on tight and the damn coffee spills all down the front of hubby’s jacket, soaking my chest and  the whole jacket sleeve.  Good thing it wasn’t hot, huh?

And the dogs decide they don’t really want to eat those crackers, they would have probably rather had doggie biscuits instead, and they are blowing off the cart anyway, and my puny little diet cookie that I ate in one bite tasted stale, but I’m still undeterred.

So, I  continue on my way, still determined to enjoy the “weather.”  By now it’s blowing gale force winds, the sky is looking rather ominous, and my chest and arm are freezing because they’re wet, and the girls are practically blowing off the the seat from the force of the wind!  And to top it all off, I have on my bluetooth headset, I’m using it to talk to hubby, and some old guy is getting his mail and looking at me like I’ve lost it.

Okay, think about it, here is this stupid woman with a wet jacket, hanging on to two little dogs for dear life, driving her golf cart in a windstorm and appearing to be talking and laughing to herself.

Oh wow, can’t wait for summer…  This was so much fun, today!

Helena Christensen eats like a pig???


I just read about her in People Online.  She said she is consumed by thoughts of food 75% of the time and eats like a pig.

Hey, me,  too!!  I’m totally obsessed by food I and eat like a pig, too…Finally, someone I can relate to.  My kind of woman, just tellin’ it like it is!!!

Can we be friends???

But wait a minute, how come she looks like this and I just look like…..  a pig!  I’m just doing what she’s doing!!!!

Oink, Oink”

Friday, March 6, 2009

Things, they are a changin’

I’m changing some things around on the Dish.  Time to shake it up a bit, not a lot, just tweaking it.  Links will be disappearing on the sidebar, but they’ll be back.  So if it looks strange, don’t worry, I’m fixing it.  Um hmmmm, sure thing…

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Remember when….

We used to wear “things” in our hair.  Cute “things”  like barrettes, and headbands, scarves and scrungies, even fake hairpieces.  Oh, I had a whole drawer full of ‘em. We didn’t look silly, at least we didn’t think we did, we were young and we thought we looked trendy…

Today, however, I wasn’t trying to look trendy, heaven forbid, not at my age, I look stupid with anything in my hair, but I was working on this &*$%@*# computer, and my hair kept falling forward, and so I grabbed one of the dog clippie things and anchored my hair back with it, and promptly forgot I had it on.

Hubby comes home, takes a look at me and says, “why in the hell do you have a dog barrette in your hair?”  Oh, Geezy Pete, I forgot all about it, and long gone are the days when he would have smiled and thought it looked cute,  now he thought it just looked stupid.  And he’s right, of course.  Why do we have to give up so much when we get older because we no longer look good????  It’s just not right!

He could have been more tactful, though, well he could have, darned man anyway!  Men Schmen!!!

Depression Cooking with Clara

This lady is just precious!   She has a whole series of Depression Cooking videos on YouTube.  You can access them here, just look in the right sidebar!  Enjoy… ~ jan


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5 things that put me in a good mood…

  • Pictures from Hooterville from March 28th, 2007 of trees in bloom.  That isn’t long to wait…
  • Mollie chasing Maggie around the sofa in the living room
  • Sunshine and green shoots coming thru the ground. I’ll be eating chives in a couple of weeks, now
  • Talking to Linds, she always makes me laugh
  • A banana split, *sigh* which I can’t have, so I’m not in such a good mood after all…

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is for all the Gramma’s out there..

Mary Lee sent me this today, just had to share.  Can’t you just see a little girl saying this?

She was in the bathroom putting on her makeup under the watchful
eyes of her young granddaughter as she'd done many times before. After
she applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little one said, 'But
Gramma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-bye!'

I will probably never put lipstick on again without thinking about kissing the toilet paper good-bye....

Monday, March 2, 2009

It’s those simple things again…

It was late, hubby and the M&M’s were fast asleep, and I had been engrossed in a good book.  I switched off the light, rolled over on my side and put my hand in Maggie’s bed, not touching her.

After a bit I felt this little paw slip under my hand.  I wrapped my fingers around it, and she licked my hand and then let out this huge sigh.

So much  joy from such a simple little thing…

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