Friday, January 16, 2009

Sausage Soup

I posted the soup recipe on Jan Can Cook, here’s a quick click.  Enjoy!

What’s happening in Heavensville tonight…

  • The M&M’s have dragged a whole plethoria of toys and chewies in front of the fireplace, where they have parked their little Yorkie butts for days now.  Smart little pooches, they know how to keep warm and have fun at the same time.
  • Hooterville is coming over tomorrow to work on my computers.  I continue to struggle with an intermittent connection; this has been going on since before Thanksgiving and I’m really frustrated.  Since my ISP can’t seem to fix it, I’ll put the expert on it.  Jean knows more than any technician they would ever send out here anyway.
  • I’m making a pot of Sausage Soup tonight.  It’s warm, homey, one of hubby’s favorites (Ry and Lindsay, too).  I’ll post the recipe in a bit on Jan Can Cook, it’s a great soup for these cold nights.
  • We went to zero last night with our temps, Nisha, however went to –25.  Brrrrrr.  It was much colder in Muncie than it was here.
  • I’m going to finish that soup, post the recipe and read in front of the fireplace.  Nah, I’m not going to pick up the dog toys, I love seeing their pile of favorites in front of the fireplace, you have no idea how cute they are nestled among the debris enjoying the fire.... 

Here’s the hack for Starbuck’s new London Fog Tea Latte

The London Fog Tea Latte At your neighborhood Bucks is about $4, but it’s been hacked already.  This is perfect for a cold evening, preferably sitting by the fireplace, reading a good book, with one or more dogs tucked in beside you…

London Fog Tea Latte:

12 oz.  steeped hot Earl Grey tea
3 packs sugar or Splenda
3-6 ounces two-percent milk, warmed.

That’s it, you can make this at home for a lot less than $4.00…


An elephant and a dog, best friends…

I saw this heartwarming story on another blogsite this morning, Dooce, and snagged it for you all to see. 


If you missed Ann Coulter and the ladies on The View’s cat fight earlier this week, here it is in it’s entirety – oh my, it does get ugly…

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I’ve got a goodie for you, thanks to Lindsay….

When Linds was here last weekend, she was telling me how good Marzetti’s Asiago Peppercorn Dressing was as a veggie dip, so I picked up a bottle, and sure enough, it’s awesome!  If you want something new to try,  and like things spicy and peppery, this is for you.  Give it a try, it’s really good!  I’m having it this afternoon with cauliflower, which is, by the way, the M&M’s new favorite snack,  the veggie, not the dressing…

OMG, you would think I was giving them steak the way they beg for bites of raw cauliflower.  Silly little dogs….

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh-oh, I’m video blogging again….

Veronica and I were having a conversation earlier today about a video blog I did this morning on Facebook.  I used to do video blogs on The Dish regularly, but the program I used ceased to exist, and I’ve just not gotten back into it.

She told me sometime ago that it was a walk in the park to do them in Facebook, she was right, so I did one while ago, with Maggie in my lap.

And???   It’s no biggie to make fun of myself  at this age.  Hell, everybody else does, I might as well go with the flow.  And even though the silly videos are hugely uncomfortable to members of my family that shall remain nameless, to me they are just silly nonsense.  I don’t get embarrassed much at this age, if there is something good about getting older, for me anyway, it’s the idea that I can make fun of myself on a regular basis, and it not bother me.  It’s probably the best gift I have, being able to see myself in a humorous way and not take myself seriously.  But surely, if you read this site regularly, you realize that by now.

And if I can make somebody laugh or brighten their day, that’s even better.  Veronica actually enjoys my lame video attempts.  I wish she would do them, so I could laugh at her, too, but she’s more reserved, and I’m more in your face. I just start babbling and utter nonsense comes out of my mouth.  I’m a motor mouth,  what can I say. 

Sorry, family, looks like I’m back in the “oh no, here she goes again with the videos” sez me, laughing profusely at myself….

Kathie Lee, I guess I’m mellowing in my old age….

I’m usually in the kitchen at 10am, either cleaning up from breakfast, or putting something in the crock for later in the day, and I have the television on.  I’ve watched The View until I just can’t stand them anymore.  I’m tired of their bickering, interrupting each other and making over Barbara WaWa like she is the most wonderful woman that ever sat on her throne.

There is nothing on FoodTv that interests me at 10am, so I’ve taken to watching Kathie Lee on Today 4th Hour.  A long, long, long time ago I actually enjoyed her, before she got full of herself and talked endlessly about her kids, Casserole and Codster (hey I didn’t make that up, that’s what she called them) and her stud muffin hubby, Frank.  But when the National Enquirer set him up with that flight attendant, and got the goods on him, I really did feel sorry for her, she put on a happy face and got on with her life when she must have been destroyed, but I still didn’t like her.

Fast forward to 2009, either I’ve mellowed, or she has, because I’m actually enjoying her again.  Just this morning she was in the street, asking political questions and giving away cd’s, and there was this early 40’s something guy, and Kathie Lee said that he told her he had a crush on her since she was a kid.  So she asked her question, he answered enthusiastcally, and she said to him about the cd, “you must want this really bad.”  He answered her by saying, “oh babe, you have no idea.”  And what did she do, she kissed the guy full on the lips!  Oh, she was so grateful.  I get it, don’t you???

Let’s face it, how long has it been since somebody other than our long suffering spouses have said anything remotely suggestive to us.  Warmed the cockles of my heart, this frosty morning in Heavensville.  Bless that guy for giving an old gal a thrill….

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gran Torino…

Hubby and I took in a matinee yesterday.  Poor feller, I drag him to so many chick flicks, I thought it wouldn’t hurt me to see a guy movie for a change.  And????  It was really good!  I’m not an Eastwood fan, never have been, he’s too rangy and stringy looking, and such a sour puss, so this movie fits him perfectly as he plays a cantankerous old man, which I suspect isn’t much of a stretch for him.

It was really different, omg, he was such a racist, I’ll be shocked if people don’t start having fits about how bad he was, but it was funny and sad at the same time.  It’s a goodie, grab a man and go see it…

Monday, January 12, 2009

It’s an early Valentine’s Day at Munchie Business…

I took an hour tonight and built a new index page for my main website, Munchie Business.  I know, I’m rushing it a bit, but it was time for Christmas to go, and I love vintage valentines.  Doodads courtesy of the talented MoJackson…

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Robin sent me this tonight, these little girls are amazing…

While watching the Golden Globes…

I had a revelation.  Other than Kate Winslett, who I think is just about the best young actress around, I no longer identify with anyone but Frances McDermott, Meryl Streep and Sally Field.  I’ m finding the whole show entirely boring, and the “actresses” totally silly.  It just isn’t doing it for me…  I used to love watching these award shows.  Have I just grown too old?  Were they better in the old days than they are now?  I guess I’ve just moved on….

I’m embarrassed for most of them because they just going on and on and on until everybody is totally uncomfortable.  Get off the stage already…. I’m switching to the Housewives…

I’ve been really busy….

I think i’m suffering from blogger’s burnout.  Me, who opens my mouth and sticks my foot in it on a regular basis can’t think of anything to say today.

It’s been a busy weekend, Ryan and Lindsay were here, we did the family thing, now all is quiet and I’m blank.

I’m sure it’s just a temporary thing, something will surely pop up that I can talk in detail about tomorrow.

In the meantime, Scarlett is going to read a book….

Just wanted you all to know that I’m still kickin’.

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