Friday, February 20, 2009

Tangee Captivating Coral Lipstick, it’s still around….


Talk about a blast from the past!  Look what I found tonight, Tangee Captivating Coral, you can still buy it…. Unreal, huh.  I thought this was long gone.

I still remember the color and the smell.  The only thing that’s changed is the price.  It’s now $14.95 a tube.  I wonder how much we used to pay – couldn’t have been over $2.99, but that was in the fifties.  Trips down memory lane don’t come cheap these days….

I found it for sale at The Vermont Country Store.  Here’s what their advertisement has to say about it.

Original Tangee Lipstick Changes Color to Complement Your Skin

Bring out your natural beauty with Tangee® Naturals Lipstick, the lipstick that goes on clear and gradually transforms into the perfect shade for you. A secret of beautiful women for over 70 years, Tangee moisturizes lips and looks freshly applied for hours. Ideal for women who want to look beautiful without looking artificial. Buy one for your purse, vanity, and office drawer-you'll never want to be without Tangee. 0.13 oz. tube.

  • Orange-in-the-tube color changes to complement your skin tone
  • Color without artificial made-up look
  • Contains natural moisturizers that prevent lips from drying and chapping
  • Now with SPF 15 to protect your lips

Whatever your skin tone is, Tangee becomes the perfect complementing color that's uniquely and beautifully your own.

Oh, what a hoot.  It would be worth $14.95 just to smear my lips with this again…..

I know, I know, some of you have your credit cards out already – Here’s the link, girlfriends.  Enjoy!!!


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