Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do you remember Revere Ware?

When I was growing up Mother had a set of Revere Ware, just like this.  It was always my job to clean the copper bottoms.

The set is long gone, she gave it up for my Le Creuset cookware  that I recycled to her in the 80’s when I discovered Magnalite.  Except  I did keep the 9” orange Le Creuset skillet, and I’m so glad I did because I use it often, especially when I make cornbread.  But back to the saga of the recycled cookware…

I got tired of the Magnalite, and started buying Calphalon, but I kept the Magnalite, until Ryan confiscated it, because he, too, is a nostagia buff, and now the Calphalon is gone, and I have stainless steel, a whole assortment of different brands of stock pots, dutch oven and saucepans, instead of a “set",” which I kind of think is kind of interesting…

And then my pieces of Le Creuset went by the wayside in Mother’s later years, she got rid of it when I upgraded her to cobalt blue Chantal.

I now have her cobalt Chantal, but it just doesn’t have the memories associated with it that the Le Creuset and the Revere Ware does.  Drats, why did Mother get rid of that cookware anyway!  She never threw out anything, well, except for my Terry Lee doll, which I have never quite recovered from.  That doll is worth major money, now!

Maybe I should just buy myself one piece of Revere Ware, and an orange Le Creuset roaster like I used to have.  Maybe that would satisfy my little bout of nostalgia….  Yeah, Jan, let’s see, that Le Creuset roaster is about $250, now, and vintage Revere Ware goes for about $50 a pan on eBay, so I could rack up $300 really fast on a trek down memory lane.

Maybe I should rethink this and get nostalgic over a set of vintage salt and pepper shakers.  I could probably get into them for about $25.00…

Lindsay has bought Ryan several pieces of Le Creuset in the last few years, because he is reliving his childhood, too.  Maybe I could just borrow one of his pieces until the mood passes.

Egads, I’m sitting in the living room, typing this on my laptop, and Mags is on the back of my chair throwing a hissy.  Yep, you guessed it, she wants me to go to bed. 

She does this every night now, at 7:30 or 8:00 p.m.  I don’t want to go to bed, and she is relentless.  I’ve gotta get control of my life, and my dog….  and forget about the stupid cookware!


  1. Hey there Cupcake! Do I remember Revere Ware? Na, I simply keep the old Weber iron skillets. You have given up Le Crueset, Magnalite, Calphalon and colbalt Chantal before I even got a chance to wear out my Revere Ware. I kept that copper spotless! I am going to point you in one direction, Jan....Goodwill. Bye the way, the photos of the cupcakes have me salivating. Oh well, at our age...drooling isn't what it used to be...darn saliva.

  2. I've found a lot of Revere Ware at thrift stores but if you want a specific piece and don't have the time to do the looking, Ebay is better. And when you get the Revere Ware, you can get new handles, screws etc. at my site Yup, I'm a Revere Ware lover that couldn't stand not having replacement parts so I had them made.

  3. I have my Mom's and Grandmother's Reverware and I want to sell it. If you are truly interested, give me an email...


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