Sunday, December 21, 2008

I’ve got more glitter on me than an old lap dancer….

Well, it’s just gone to hell in a handbag here today.  The net is just up for a minute, then down again.  I finally started wrapping that ugly paper with wide red ribbon, the wired kind, which would have been really pretty if it wasn’t for that awful paper, nothing could make it look good.

Anyhoo, the red ribbon is embossed with gold snowflakes, gold glitter snowflakes.  Now this isn’t my first rodeo with glitter, I’ve had plenty of disasters with it, and now I not only have glitter all over me, but it’s all over the dining room rug and you can follow a glitter trail all the way down the stone floor to the den where the presents are deposited under the tree.

So  now I have that mess to deal with, not to mention that the M&M’s have been tromping thru it, so they probably have glitter imbedded in their fur, too. And trust me, everything that glitters is not gold….

Oh well, ‘tis the season, right?  Um-hum, sure it is…


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