Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sex and the City Shoot Spills Big (and Bigger) Spoilers

Unless — and I wouldn't put it past that crafty Michael Patrick King — they are merely staging some "scenes" to be spied/misreported by the paparazzi, the well-documented and -photographed Sex and the City: The Movie location shoot in New York City is letting slip a few plot details. For one, it has been reported that (Possi-spoiler alert) Big springs a mammoth sparkler on Carrie, perhaps setting up the rumored wedding. And on Thursday, paps snapped Chris Noth in a sidewalk scene with a full-term pregnancy-pad-sporting Kristin Davis, indicating that Charlotte and Harry finally got a bun cooking in the oven.

Okay, girlfriends, you might all be getting bored with this, but I'm totally fascinated. I should be posting this stuff in GirlTalk, but I haven't been posting to it, actually all of my boards are pretty silent except for this one. I'll get it together one of these days and start putting info in the right areas...

Oh, would I love to be in NYC right now, watching them shoot this movie.... ~ jan


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