Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Samo with a twist...

Hot, hot, hot, 98 right now, AND the air conditioner went on the fritz late yesterday. Talk about a bad mood....

The heat/ac man was coming to work on it this afternoon, I had to leave this morning, and I figured as soon as I left he would show up, so I put a note on the front door that said in part.

Air Conditioning Man, if you come while I'm gone, don't you DARE leave!!!! I'll be right back, house is unlocked, just go for it!!!!!

Well, he didn't come, of course, not til this afternoon, but it was a simple fix (supposedly) and it's now cooled down in here from 85 to 79. Whoeee, cold front.....

The M&M's just laid on the stone floor, no doubt wondering what was up. Poor babies, they were in their fur coats, no way for them to chill out, except for the ice water I kept replenishing for them.

I'm tellin' ya if this heat doesn't abate soon, I'm going to go stark raving mad, I'll probably be running naked in the street, and trust me, that's a site you don't want to see!!!!!!!!!!


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