Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer finds....

Okay, I buy into the marketing hype, you all know I do, but I just had to try the new Stress Relieving Body Lotion and Body Wash from Johnson & Johnson. It said almost all women who tried it felt less stress. Well, duh, don't we all feel less stress after bathing?

But nonetheless, I loaded up my cart with the stuff, came home, took it for a spin. Well, it does smell mah-velous, dahling, but I doubt seriously if it relieves any stress. It has a baby powder scent, touched with lavender, very soothing, I went to bed last night smelling absolutely glorious.

And last weekend in Nashville, I hit up the MAC counter, purchased their bronzing blush and bronze eyeshadow. It's a keeper, but got home and read in People Magazine's Off The Rack site about Hot Mama Blush. Well, it's just the cutest packaging, and I had to have it for the name alone. I'm trying the concealer, too, I'll let you know if I look like one hot mama post menopausal honey with it on.... I ordered both from the Sephora site - you can read about it here! And if I don't like the Hot Mama, I think I'll try the NARS Orgasm blush next time. Ohhhhh, racy......


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